The KOVOZOO and the zoo Lešná

I know people who – during their stay in any metropolis – must always visit the local zoo as well. However, you can find interesting zoological gardens not only in capitals. I was convinced of it during my recent visit of Moravia.

Animals made of scrap

I have to say I was even more curious about the other zoo we should visit. When I got a flyer about it in my hands some months ago, I thought: “What a crazy idea!”

Well, it is a crazy, but also an interesting idea. When we arrived at the reconstructed compound of a former sugar factory from 1867 in Staré Město (near Uherské Hradiště), the sky was cloudy and it started to drizzle. However, we did not mind.

The name of the zoo is Kovozoo. It is not an accident. The word “kov” means metal in Czech and indeed, all the animals here are made of metal and scrap. But do not think that they are just random patchworks which do not look like real animals. It is not like that at all! At the very beginning of this idea, they had invited some experts – blacksmiths  who created the first animals for this unique zoo. All exhibits are perfectly worked out, with all details and life-sized. They really look like their twins in nature. The rhino Norbert weighs 5 t and the giraffes are 5 m high.


There are already almost 250 animals here and some new exhibits are produced every year – in a birth center! But instead of medical instruments, they use welding machines, grinders, hammers and other blacksmith’s tools. They were preparing this beautiful walrus for its premiere.

Even in a group of the same species, every animal is different. Look at these turtles! And it is really funny to explore what scrap they are made of.


There is also this airplane L-610 here, the first prototype made at order from the former Soviet Union. It flew for the first time in 1988 and later was rescued from scrapping and moved to the zoo.

Children can transform in sailors or pirates on the ship Hope which is 20 m long and has three masts. A 23-meter-high lighthouse is visible from far away. You can ascend 96 stairs and enjoy a nice view ofthe surroundings.

The original idea was to build a recycling ecological center where people could bring useless waste. The travel on a small train was also an interesting experience for me. We passed huge heaps of old microwaves, refrigerators, monitors and other appliances. A big magnet caught our attention. It moved metal pieces on some other heap. What a thunder it was!

Children accompanied us on the train. They observed everything with their big eyes and I am sure they understood now that it is better to bring an old refrigerator here than to throw it out in a forest. Not only because a new animal can be produced from it here.

I was really positively surprised by this zoo. It is not only a crazy idea, but also fun and a lesson in one place!